Story In Shangri-La

2016 - 2019

Working Shangri-La, I experienced a lot in this three years.
When I joined Shangri-La, my responsibility is to design the official website. The main page of the website has been designed by agency, based on that skeleton, I was focusing on developing the furthur sections. During this period, I learned a lot by design technique from the top design agency.
Four months later, the website has been launched. But after one and a half day, it has been roll back, because of the direct order by new CEO. After that I was responsible for redesigning the whole website. That is my first time in charged of such a big project, different from following others’ design, now I can setup the scope also need to deal with other business partners. This is a very rare and valuable chance for me to learn about project management, research also the high-level design skill.
After six months, the project has been hand-overed to IT Team, a technical digial team based in Beijing. I worked closely with them, understanding the working modeling of Mainland China and exchanging the experience of website design and development.
My meticulous and well organized performance has caught Brand Team’s attention. After step out from the website revamp project, I have transferred to Brand Team, to develop the identity guideline and template for our new Shangri-La Group brand.
In this period the company was keep changing and benefited from that, I had so many chances to involve in different aspects, from technology, marketing to brand, which shaped me into a multi-dimensional person.

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